I am Satan
What makes you think mental illness isn't real might I ask?


Mental illness is a red herring perpetrated by neurotypical agents whom exist soley to promote mononeuronormative hegemony. “Mental illness” as an ideology exists to delegitimize those who do not fit within the norm. 

Demonizing multiples/systems/plural peoples (especially of color) has been the defacto purpose of Big Healthcare, and they do so because they want to peddle their deathscription medications that exist solely to rape the consciences of those who are not mononeurotypical. 

Go into a fucking psych ward at 3am then you can sit here on your ass and say mental illness dosent exist…dumb hoe


Imagine Tank trying to eat sushi with chopsticks and failing miserably at it.


Imagine Takeo falling down the stairs in the kino with a completely blank expression on his face.


NZ AU where everything is the same except Dempsey sounds like Johnny Bravo.


I feel like Dempsey and Tallahassee from Zombieland would be the best of friends.

Nz character fear headcanons


Dempsey is scared of spiders and snakes
Nikolai is scared of his memory of the experiments
Richtofen is scared of deep water and heights
Takeo is scared of tight spaces